Most of the videos I create for the Clemson Alumni Association are event summary videos. Just a quick 30-60 second recap to put on social, typically built from footage at the event I have shot myself. But for each board meeting I will create a "hype" video to start off the meeting. This serves as a way to get board members pumped up to start the meeting and also give them a glimpse of all we have accomplished since the last quarterly meeting. It gives me an opportunity to learn new techniques in After Effects as well as continuing to push myself further to refine the look and feel of these fast-paced recap videos in order to foster the desired response. The addition of virtual events during COVID made it a bit more difficult to keep things interesting, but now we are back to having some in-person events again and it's a pretty good mix. These compilations will include a range of media types including video I have captured with our GoPro or Panasonic GH4, as well as Zoom meeting recordings, Facebook Live videos and photos submitted from other staff members.

This video is a compilation of just some of the events that occurred between February and May of 2021: 
This video is a Year in Review, highlighting some of the events that occurred between September 2020 and August 2021: 
This video was designed as a celebration of the class of 2021, and includes moments from when they first stepped on campus, as well as special events that happened during their time here. A good example of creating a video that communicates a very different feeling.
Finally, this video from June of 2020 shows how different life quickly became after the start of the pandemic. It begins with event highlights from January to March of 2020, and then shows how we were forced to "Pivot!" quickly to fully remote operations and all virtual events as we sought to engage Clemson Alumni in entirely new ways.
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