COVID-19 affected our Clemson Family in unprecedented ways in 2020, including for the first time in history adhering to guidelines that reduced home football game attendance in Clemson Memorial Stadium from 80,000+ to approximately 19,000 to comply with recommended social distancing, as well as not allowing on-campus tailgating before, during or after games. Our Couch Season Tailgate Packages were developed as a way to engage our Clemson Family members who would be unable to attend home games in 2020 (allowing them to "Celebrate Remotely", while also providing a new avenue for fundraising to offset lost opportunities.
The Couch Season lettering was designed to be purposefully reminiscent to the popular Clemson Ring Season t-shirt from our 15-0 National Championship winning season in 2018, while also including an illustrated version of the orange “Central Perk” couch from the TV show Friends as the main graphic. 
Our tagline PIVOT CHAMPIONS references another famous Friends couch scene, where three of the cast members were having to “PIVOT!” a couch up a set of tight stairs in an apartment complex. The Couch Season Tailgate Packages were created in response to one of the major ways our Clemson Alumni Association and Annual Giving also had to pivot this year. 
The package included a variety of items for celebrating remotely: 4 BEAT stickers for all 11 games, 2 Koozies, 2 Commemorative Tiger Rags (a limited-edition Couch Season version of our popular Tiger Rags), 2 Coasters, 2 Temporary Tattoo Sets, 2 Sets of Eye Black Stickers, and a Clemson Alumni Chip Clip. In addition, each package included 2 Commemorative Couch Season Tickets (printed as a set on silver reflective cardstock) and a collection of Famous Clemson Tailgate Recipe Cards submitted by members of the Clemson Family.

2020 Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) InHouse Design Award – Packaging
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