The Clemson Alumni Van is utilized by the Engagement Team to travel to Clemson Alumni Club and Group events across the country. When I was asked to design the new Clemson Alumni Van graphics, I initially reached out to the staff to discuss their use of the van, what messaging/feeling they wanted it to communicate, as well as any changes they would like from the prior design (like keeping the back window unwrapped for better visibility).
This updated design takes full advantage of the updated Clemson Alumni Brand Guidelines, which brought about updated logos and colors, as well as a stronger use of the Tiger Rag as a centralized icon. The front and rear of the vehicle includes tinted Tiger Rag patterns coming off the front bumper and hood as well as the rear wheel wells.
Photographic tiger fur textures provide a callback to the previous design, while updating the overall look with a bolder use of the color palette. The large Tiger Rag is placed strategically so that the majority of it is still visible on either side when the sliding door is fully open.
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